How a Sale works!

Clients’ responsibility:

Simply tag or remove the items that your family wishes to keep. There is no need to clean or do anything else.

Maintain the homeowners insurance through the duration and clean up of the sale.

What we do!...  

Set up and administration:           

With true professionalism and the upmost care and respect, we will sort, clean, display, promote, market, sell every saleable item in your estate for the highest price possible.

Sales and Marketing:

With industry leading marketing and sales techniques, we will promote, offer and sell your items using every media available.

With 100+ detailed photos and a complete list of your items all published with a National internet advertising agency, specifically targeting and emailing over 7300 registered clients in the San Diego, Orange County, Los Angles, Inland Empire & Palm Springs areas, coupled with our own 1000+ client email list, local news paper ads and our distinctive onsite advertising signs, you can be assured that we have your advertising and marketing needs 100% covered.

LONGER SALES HOURS EQUAL MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET! We pride ourselves with the ability to offer 80+ hours of internet sales with an additional 20 hours of on-site sales each week.


On-site Sales:

All items are securely displayed and monitored 100% of the time.

With each of our knowledgeable and professional sales team members having the ability to negotiate, record and sell merchandise, the sales really add up quickly.

3 DAY SALE- Usually we feature a 3 Public day sale. The first day being the Premiere sale day that can produce market-plus prices. The 2nd sale day yields closer to current market values with the third sale day being our “Bargain Sale” day that usually brings many clients back to buy more!


At the end of the sale we will:

 Transport, store and resell any upper end item that we feel has not received proper exposure.

Wholesale or buy out the balance of any saleable items.

Arrange pick-up for all other items for Charitable Organizations.

We vacuum the carpets, sweep the floors and wipe down the counters leaving you with an empty and clean home. *  Place all trash in proper cans or bins. *  Promptly provide you with detailed accounting, a cashier check for your sales and tax receipts for the donated items.  

Questions - Call Ralph Watwood (760) 505-6854